​​Middle School
Gifted Program, Typical Program, Support Bridges Program, Intensive Bridges Program
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These are great transitional years!  We work hard to help your student transition from middle school to high school.  These are the formative years getting students ready to assume more responsibility for their own school work, such as writing down their homework assignments, getting assignments in on time, taking care of personal hygiene, learning new social skills, and getting ready for a world that does not cater to them.  

We provide students with the academic and social skills needed to become well adjusted high school students and become great adults.  Our teachers are creative, innovative and dedicated to bringing out the best in each student. We make them ready to conquer the world.

Middle School grades are taught the following classes:

  • Phonics, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization, Vocabulary, Reading, Spelling
  • Arithmetic, Basic Math to Algebra
  • Social Studies, Geography
  • General Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Physical Science
  • Visual Arts, Performing Arts

Your student will be ready for high school when they complete their  middle school years with FSCA!!!
Connecting with Your Child's Teachers
FSCA now uses GRADELINK, an electronic gradebook to record grades and assignments and to communicate with parents.