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We have designed a bright, fantastic world to help develop your infant’s mind and body every day.  When your little one starts this journey with us we'll work with you to make it a happy time, creating a loving relationship with your baby that feels like family.


Each day your baby will be discovering all kinds of  things using all five senses, copying actions of the people around them, exploring textures, colors and shapes, playing with toys and learning sounds and words by playing with other children. Infants through kindergartners are assessed on developmental skills listed below. 

Little minds are wide open and ready to learn, and we have unique ways of encouraging infants to become great learners.  Every day is packed with carefully designed activities structured around the main development areas as listed below.

 Infants begin developing their language and literacy at a young age.
  • make early attempts at speaking
  • learn to understand a variety of words by listening, observing,
  • engage in using sounds and gestures to express needs, wants, and interests
  • listen to books read aloud
  • begin to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar things
  • use the five senses to explore and observe
  • begin to copy the simple actions of others
  • perform actions to gain a response

Infants begin to recognize others.
  • form an attachment to familiar adults
  • begin to interact with other children
  • express some emotions through sounds, facial expressions, and movements
  • build a sense of self by recognizing self in a mirror

Infants begin to explore and express themselves with their facial expressions, sounds they make, and other body language.
  • begin to explore bright, contrasting colors
  • explore a variety of textures like wet and sticky
  • express feelings through movement
  • listen to music and experiment with toy instruments

Infants’ brains are developing at a rapid rate, taking in everything.  New neurons are being made at an extraordinary rate on a consistent basis.
  • work on early memory skills 
  • focus attention for short periods of time
  • use different approaches to solve simple problems, such as making sounds and pointing
  • control impulses some of the time

Infants develop quickly during these early months so play exercises are important to strengthened these muscles and help them reach their developmental goals.
  • work on physical milestones like rolling over and crawling
  • coordinate hand movements to begin reaching for and  grasping objects
  • Start to cooperate with care routines like getting dressed and washing hands
  • show an interest in eating and trying new foods

ACTIVITY EXAMPLES- These are just a few of the activities our children in Lullaby Lodge do every day!
Activities:  (6 weeks – 6 months) - Get It!
In these activities, infants will have tummy time to try and get objects placed close to them.  These will learn how to hold up their heads, making their neck muscles stronger.  Eye coordination will begin to develop and infants will develop better eye control.  They will also use overhead objects for them to see and try to get their hands on, developing both eye coordination and eye-hand coordination.

Activities:  (6 weeks-6 months)  – Moving Life
Infants will be encouraged to imitate a variety of different actions, such as moving toy vehicles in specific ways and making the sounds of vehicles .

Activities:  (6 weeks - 6 months) Tactile Time
In these activities, infants will explore everyday items that provide interesting tactile experiences, such as aluminum foil, bubble wrap, crumpled newspaper, and many other tacticle items to demonstrate opposite feels. (hard:soft, rough:fuzzy, etc.)

Activities:  (6  weeks – 6 months) Knocking It Down
In these activities, infants will be encouraged to use different strategies to knock down block towers, to watch “weebles” fall down but not stay down, etc.  These activities help develop the fine and gross motor skills and eye-hand coordination.

Activities:  (6-12 months) – How is Life stacking up?
In this activity, infants will actively and learn and think as they learn to see colors, hear the names of the colors; see, hear and feel shapes as they play with colored rings and blocks; and problem solving as they attempt to stack blocks and place rings on the cone.

Activities:  (6-12  months) Do you know what this is?  Do you know who this is?
Infants will participate in playful, interactive songs to encourage social interactions.  Infants will participate in music activities involving songs about animals and people.

Activities (6-12 months)  Puzzles
Infants will play with large piece puzzles, taking them apart and reassembling with the help of the teacher.  They will also continue to play with rings and blocks in different sizes and colors, learning to place them into groups with same colors, sizes, or shapes with a teacher’s help.